Salt of the Earth Creates a More Craveable Mac ‘n’ Cheese

salt of the earth - mac n cheese

Clean-label flavor enhancement simplifies formulations and reduces costs

Salt of the Earth made that classic American favorite, mac ‘n’ cheese, even more craveable with Mediterranean Umami, a clean-label, all-natural flavor enhancement, and salt reduction ingredient. The mac ‘n’ cheese offers significant cost-savings, too, as Mediterranean Umami allows for a 10% reduction of cheese, while maintaining the same delicious flavor. The company will showcase this delicious new application at the IFT Expo in New Orleans, June 3-5, Booth #2112.

Salt of the Earth completed multiple trials of macaroni and cheese formulations with and without Mediterranean Umami at its applications lab, with two chefs working jointly to maintain identical taste between the products. The flavor enhancement qualities of Mediterranean Umami increased the cheesy flavor, resulting in less cheese needed in the treated product. This can contribute to significant cost-savings. The trials successfully validated the ability to maintain the true flavor of the dish, but with 10% less cheddar cheese, and without using MSG or yeast extracts.

“After feedback from customers, who were reporting significantly stronger flavors, we started exploring the capacity of Mediterranean Umami to reduce ingredients and contribute to cost savings,” says David Hart, Business Unit Director for Salt of the Earth. “Surprisingly, we not only succeeded in maintaining full flavor with Mediterranean Umami, we actually crafted a mac ‘n’ cheese that was even more craveable. This adds a new twist to that famous American dish.”

Mediterranean Umami, the winner of the IFT17 Innovation Award, is a clean-label plant-based solution for flavor enhancement and sodium reduction. It is a versatile ingredient with multiple uses – it can be used to boost savory flavors, enhance overall flavor profiles, and reduce sodium. Mediterranean Umami can also be used to reduce the amounts of certain expensive ingredients, such as flavorings and spice blends, mushrooms, or parmesan and other cheeses.

At this year’s IFT Expo, two talented chefs — Osher Eidelman and Jeff Rotundi — will prepare foods highlighting Mediterranean Umami and other ingredients in the portfolio. In addition to the macaroni and cheese, a vegan meatball and beef bone broth will be served. Salt of the Earth is exhibiting in conjunction with its exclusive US distributor, A&B Ingredients.

Visit us at the IFT Expo, New Orleans, June 3-5, 2019. A&B Ingredients. Booth #2112.


About Salt of the Earth

With innovation and quality as its driving principles, Salt of the Earth has been producing sustainable sea salt solutions for the global food industry since 1922. Salt of the Earth’s customers spans more than 20 countries on 5 continents. The company controls and tracks sustainable salt resources and works to promote balanced salt consumption through innovative sodium reduction solutions.

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