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    Reduced Sodium; Bold Flavor Without Compromise

    Low-Sodium Ingredient provides manufacturers Natural full Salty Flavor for high-quality prepared foods – without the high sodium content and without an aftertaste.

    Salt of the Earth’s Low-Sodium Ingredient offers the perfect balance of sodium chloride – sourced from the azure waters of the Red Sea – and potassium chloride from the mineral-rich waters Dead Sea.

    The Ideal Solution for Food-Category Positioning

    With heightened awareness of hidden salt in processed foods, the propriety blended Low-Sodium Ingredient helps commercial producers reduce sodium anywhere from 28 to 66 percent while enhancing important trace minerals.

    Low-Sodium Ingredient can be added to the food production process easily. It has a long shelf life, is highly heat-stable and has no preservatives.

    Maintaining Peak Flavor in Food Applications

    Here are just a few products that are perfect for Low-Sodium Ingredient:

    • Meat and Sausages
    • Breads and rolls
    • Breakfast cereals
    • Ready meals and side dishes
    • Flatbreads and crackers
    • Savory crisps and chips
    • Pretzels and whole-grain snacks
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Tuna


    With expert food science R&D, Salt of the Earth can also Product tailor made Low-Sodium Formulation Solutions to Manufacturers’ Specific Needs.


    Dead Sea Low Sodium Salt – For Home application

    Assisting in reducing Sodium levels for all the family.

    low sodium salt shaker

    Low Sodium Salt is a high-quality mixture of refined natural sea salts, crystallized from the waters of the clear sparkling Red Sea and from the mineral-rich Dead Sea. Read more…


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    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100 grams

    • NutrientValue
    • Calories1
    • Carbohydrates0
    • Proteins0
    • Fat0
    • Sodium19
    • Potassium26

    Private Labeling
    Made Easy!

    The bulk of Salt Of The Earth's business is done under private label. The company offers the complete range of solutions for high-quality salts across every packaging format.

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