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With innovation and quality as its driving principles, Salt of the Earth has been producing sustainable sea salt solutions for the global food industry since 1922. Salt of the Earth customers span 30 countries over 5 continents.

Melach Haaretz At the heart of three Middle Eastern seas

Israel, Salt of the Earth’s homeland, rich in resources and tradition, is at the crossroads of three saltwater sources—the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The convergence of these wonders of the world known for their value-added mineral infusion and health advantages gives Salt of the Earth varieties decisive quality, taste and personalities all their own.

Purity in process and product

The Red Sea, known for its clear, sparkling water, is the main source of salt for Salt of the Earth’s organic minerals and macro elements. The efficient forces of nature transform seawater into a variety of concentrated sustainable sea salt products. The strong sun and dry air of the Gulf of Eilat promote natural evaporation year-round and require zero human intervention in the process. In fact, throughout the salt-making process, Salt of the Earth relies on the same powers of the world as the region’s ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Diverse product range

Salt of the Earth offers a broad spectrum of high quality products from trusted daily-use table salt to exotic palate-pleasing varieties for gourmet kitchens. Low-sodium salt and specialty sodium-reduction ingredients delight diet-conscious consumers who want flavor in their savory dishes.

Innovation Center

The Salt of the Earth Innovation Center integrates progressive food science, engineering, culinary specialization and nutrition with the art of food preparation. Drawing upon ongoing company research and trends across the international landscape enables Salt of the Earth to remain at the forefront of popular cuisine to introduce exclusive solutions and customize products to meet ever-evolving consumer, retailer and distributor demands.

High tech packaging innovations promote product freshness and ecological responsibility while minimizing costs and expanding support for customers of all sizes.

Salt of the Earth has earned its reputation as a dynamic private-label partner, with the ability to customize products to suit customer requirements. The company offers professional services that span the food industry spectrum – from idea exploration to recipe development and from manufacturing to product delivery.

Ecologically responsible

Since its inception, Salt of the Earth has been committed to maintaining the natural equilibrium and sustainability of the environment. The company operates according to the most current international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to maintain a minimal ecological footprint, ethical practices and social justice policies.

The evaporation pond areas reside in nature reserves—oases of greenery hosting complete animal habitats. A visit to the area’s lookout points reveals nesting ranges for thousands of waterfowl and migratory birds.

Salt of the Earth collaborates with the Israel Nature & Park Protection Authority in preserving native wildlife, such as sea turtles and birds of all kinds.

Accredited for quality and growing niche markets

Salt of the Earth has earned ISO 9001 certification for compliance with quality and food safety standards, and holds Halal and Kosher certificates for discerning consumer populations. The company and its two production plants are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

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