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As a retailer, distributor or marketer, you are probably always on the lookout for innovative products that can expand your product portfolio, market share and profits. In fact, in the food industry, product innovation is one of the key drivers of revenue growth.

Private Label Partnership

As your partner for successful product introduction, Salt of the Earth can offer a whole new world of novel private label solutions, with the complete range of development and manufacturing services. The company’s Innovation Center offers a setting where your inspiration and our know-how meet, with expertise that integrates international dietary trends, specialty ingredients, nutrition and food technology.

The company’s professionals can work with you to customize or design premium salt-related products to your specific needs.

An added advantage of working with Salt of the Earth is that you benefit from rapid, flexible service to speed time to market. The overall result is a simple recipe for your success.

Target Market Opportunities

Explore the range of possibilities to develop quality sea salt solutions for gourmet clients, low sodium consumers, the latest kids’ nutrition market and others.

International Environmental Responsibility

Salt of the Earth complies with the highest standards of the environmental Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for sustainability and social performance.

Generations of Innovation

Salt of the Earth has been developing quality salt products for over 90 years, relying on expert market research and ever-current knowledge of industry trends. The company provides solutions to satisfied private label partners throughout the globe and would be happy to include you among them. For more information, Contact Us.

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