Salt of the Earth Sustainability Report

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Salt of the Earth, Israel, published its first sustainability report for 2012, prepared according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 standard to level B GRI checked. This indicates every aspect of sustainability has been covered.

The sustainability report reviewed the activity of Salt of the Earth across the company’s value chain, focusing on interactions with all of its key stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, government agencies, environmental organizations, business partners and neighboring communities.

“It’s exciting to share this report with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders,” says Dovik Tal, CEO for Salt of the Earth. “This report reflects our ongoing commitment to the environment and consumers. Today, food manufacturers, consumers and other stakeholders are more informed and proactive, wanting more than good products alone. They want to know who the people are behind a company’s logo and image are, and to know a company is devoted—and obliged—to produce the highest quality products, without damaging the planet. We will continue to promote sustainability throughout all activities, and in interface with all our communities.”

According to Innova Market Insights, sustainability strategy has become a major issue for food and beverage companies, impacting the top trends for 2014. Waste Not Want Not” and “You Can Trust Us” top the Innova Market Insights’ food & beverage Top 10 Trends list for 2014.

“Sustainability is an integral part of company’s DNA,” explains Inbal Trop Kirsch, Marketing Director for Salt of the Earth. “Since Salt of the Earth’s establishment, we continuously embrace both business considerations and environmental concerns. Such inclusion is achieved by creating a minimal ecological footprint while producing a natural product essential to human existence. As a manufacturer, we perceive sustainability as the appropriate approach to follow within our lines of operation. We provide consumers and food manufacturers the information they need to choose the ingredient system that’s right for them, offering a wide variety of products so they can choose the best low-sodium or healthy sodium of their choice.”

Salt of the Earth produces and markets to food manufacturers and retailers worldwide advanced sodium-reduction solutions made from natural salt harvested from the Red Sea. Salt of the Earthis a deep-rooted, renewal-focused company. It developed a sustainable strategy to implement the management commitment for the environment, community and its employees.

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