New Case Study: Successful Launch in Specialty Salt Category

cooking salt mix with spices

Salt of the Earth Ltd.’s innovative Salt-N-Easy, the new chefs’ secret for roasting vegetables, poultry and fish, gained incremental sales and market share in the Israeli specialty salt products market in less than four months.

Salt of the Earth’s innovation strategy – to create innovative product line based on global food trends of health and indulgence—resulted in the impressive performance of its key product. Salt-N-Easy enables the domestic gourmet cook to utilize salt as a functional ingredient during roasting. The innovative product won SIAL Innovation Selection 2014 awards.

Salt-N-Easy was introduced on July 2014 to the Israeli retail market, targeting consumers who enjoy cooking at home. The main advantage of the product line is creating a delicious recipe with minimum effort (average of two minutes of preparation). The product launch was combined with a small campaign on social media and blogs, print magazines and points of sale. In fewer than four months, Salt-N-Easy increased the gourmet salt category sales, attaining a 5.4% market share without any cannibalization.

Israeli cuisine has changed dramatically in the past few years. Popular TV shows like Master Chef and the rise of gourmet restaurants using fresh ingredients have led the way to inspire “gourmet-like” recipes created at home. The Israeli consumer demands clean label ingredients and products that use natural ingredients rather than synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

“Most sauces for oven cooking are processed and contain unhealthy fats and chemical preservatives,” says Giorit Carmi, Marketing Manager at Salt of the Earth. “Salt-N-Easy is an all-natural, exotic, clean-label blend of coarse sea salt and spices.”

A significant health benefit of Salt-N-Easy is due to the coarse salt’s ability to absorb heat and dissolve it effectively during the roasting process. As a result, the dish keeps moisture level and preserves the juiciness on the interior of the roasted chicken or fish, without having to add any fat or oil.

“Although Salt-N-Easy is a salt-based product, we positioned it as a ‘cooking aid/food enhancer’ for the gourmet cooking,” notes Carmi. “The launch of this line to the leading Israeli retailers is a case study for our goals to penetrate the international retail market. The main difference is that we will be able to market it also as a private label product.”

About Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth produces and markets advanced sodium-reduction solutions made from natural salt harvested from the Red Sea to food manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Salt of the Earth is a deeply rooted, renewal-focused company. It has engaged a sustainable strategy to implement the management commitment for the environment, community and its employees.

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