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Hilton Tel Aviv Leads Healthy Dining with Next-Generation Sodium Reduction Menu

Tel Aviv – April 21, 2016, Salt of the Earth announces its cooperation with Hilton Tel Aviv to

include Mediterranean Umami, a Sodium-Reduction ingredient and flavor booster, in numerous dishes in

the hotel’s restaurant, Lobby Lounge & Bar, as a way to include a healthier food on the

restaurant’s dairy menu. The new recipes, created by Hilton’s Executive Chef, Rafik Jabarin,

promote sodium reduction to address the growing demand for low-sodium dishes.

Watch the video here.


“The use of Umami Mediterranean allows chefs and caterers to significantly reduce the levels of salt they

are using in their recipes while boosting the flavor of the recipes,” says Revital Ben Shahar,

marketing manager for Salt of the Earth. “This allows them to create dishes that are

considerably healthier without any negative impact on the traditional flavors that we know

diners enjoy. We are very excited about this partnership with Hilton Tel Aviv as our first major

pilot program. We hope this strategic move will be successful and other International Hilton

hotels will follow Hilton Tel Aviv and adopt the sodium-reduction revolution.”

Umami Mediterranean Bold is a blend of vegetable extracts and sea salt, rich in umami. It enhances flavor

while meeting sodium-reduction goals in recipes. Using Umami Mediterranean Bold, a new, all-natural

ingredient that can reduce sodium up to 45% while boosting the flavor of the recipes.

Chef Jabarin adds that guests’ culinary demands and desires are continuously changing. “We

have noticed guests of Hilton Tel Aviv are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of

healthy eating, even when dining out or on vacation. Guests make it clear that they expect their

dishes not just to taste great but to prioritize balanced nutrition.

“I am passionate about encouraging healthier dining without compromising on taste or guests’

enjoyment,” explains Jabarin. “At Hilton Tel Aviv, we take care of our guests’ health so they can

relax during their time at the hotel and feel reassured that we have their nutritional well-being

covered. We focus on the complete healthy dining experience for guests, including considering

ways to reduce fat and sodium content as well as serving sizes.”

According to Chef Jabarin, “Hilton chefs are universally driven by the rich culinary heritage of

their communities and influenced by local flavors, traditions and ingredients. Umami Mediterranean Bold will

encourage healthier dining habits at Hilton Tel Aviv and will be well received by our guests and

diners”, he said.

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 About Salt of the Earth Ltd.

With innovation and quality as its driving principles, Salt of the Earth has been producing

sustainable sea salt solutions for the global food industry since 1922. Salt of the Earth’s

customers span more than 30 countries on 5 continents. The company controls and tracks

sustainable salt resources and works to promote balanced salt consumption through innovative

sodium reduction solutions.

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Ms. Liat Simha

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