Discover how to reduce sodium by up to 45%

Salt of the earth - umami souce

Editorial for Fi Europe

Discover how to reduce sodium by up to 45%

Salt of the Earth, Ltd. will exhibit its innovative, all-natural Umami Mediterranean ingredient. The exceptional salt-reduction solution is designed to help decrease sodium levels by up to 45% across a broad variety of food and liquid applications, without decreasing flavour.

Umami Mediterranean is a proprietary savoury mix of high-quality sea salt and vegetable extracts rich in umami, the distinctive flavour-boosting “fifth taste”. This innovative ingredient can help food manufacturers keep the consumer-craved salty, savoury flavour of a product, while maintaining a low amount of sodium in the final application.

Umami Mediterranean is highly soluble, vegan, kosher and contains no artificial ingredients or MSG. It provides food companies a simple way to include a clean label claim on products and comply with global agendas to cut sodium levels in processed foods.

Salt of the Earth, a global industry leader in salt and salt-related products, is a market innovator in progressive sodium-reduction solutions made from natural Red Sea salts.

Visit us at Fi Europe booth # 6N105


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