Natural Umami Essence

    The Tastiest Way To Reduce Sodium

    Why Umamix is Better?

    • Substantial Sodium Reduction- Up To 45%
    • Retain Savory Flavor Profile
    • Clean Label Solution
    • Applicable to a Broad Variety of Products


    All Natural Umami Essence

    An Exceptional Mix of All-Natural, Powerful Umami Extract, Combined with Sea Salt, Which Allows Food Manufacturers to Significantly Reduce Sodium Quantities by Up To 45% Across a Broad Variety of Products – Without Compromising on Taste.


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    About Umamix

    Salt of the Earth Umamix is a Natural Savory liquid Mixture of Vegetable-Extract Umami and Sea Salt.


    With Umamix,  you can soup up Formulations or Develop new ones bursting with flavor. You can use Umamix instead of, or in combination with regular granulated salt in almost any product.

    Umamix is packaged in easy-to-pour Containers and is Instantly Soluble. It is Vegan and holds high Kosher Certification.


    ic_v (1)  No artificial ingridients ic_v (1)  Kosher
    ic_v (1)  No MSG ic_v (1)  Gluten free
    ic_v (1)  No GMO ic_v (1)  Halal
    ic_v (1)  Vegan

    Reduced-Sodium Labeling Made Easy

    Umamix gives manufacturers a much simpler way both to label products “Reduced Sodium” and Nutritious, and to comply with the global salt reduction framework for cutting down sodium in processed foods.

    The Following Studies Demonstrate Umamix’s Ability to Reduce Sodium Across a Broad Variety of Products

    How to reduce salt and MSG in savory pastry fillings?

    How to reduce salt and MSG in Frankfurter sausages?

    How to reduce salt in canned tuna?

    How to reduce salt in hamburgers?

    How to reduce salt in Hummus salad?

    How to reduce salt in mayonnaise?

    How to reduce salt in A Thousand Island dressing sauce?


    Build or reinvent your product portfolio

    With Salt of the Earth’s inspiring Umamix and your innovation, your product lines can take on a whole new dimension—both in enhanced flavor and in reduced sodium.


    Find out how easy it is to develop or extend your brand portfolio with high quality, versatile Salt of the Earth products; contact us today.


    low Sodium

    umami – Salt of the earth


    umamix_kelogSchoolKellog school of management research showed umamix is effective in replacing salt….
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     The all-around ingredient

    The all-around ingredient Umamix is an ideal ingredient for a broad range of products across a range of categories, including:

    • Tomato-based foods, such as pasta and pizza sauces
    • Meat and poultry
    • Soups and soup mixes
    • Soft cheeses
    • Prepared salads, salad dressings and condiments
    • Snacks
    • Tuna
    • More
    • Grain Size

    • Application

    • Packaging Available

      5-KG , 25-KG , 283-KG , 1283-KG

    Chemical Composition Specification

    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100 grams

    • NutrientValue
    • Calories110
    • Carbohydrates22
    • Proteins5
    • Fat0
    • Sodium7
    • Potassium1
    • Sugars 22
    • Saturated fat 0
    • Cholesterol 0

    Private Labeling
    Made Easy!

    The bulk of Salt Of The Earth's business is done under private label. The company offers the complete range of solutions for high-quality salts across every packaging format.

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