• Salt Of the Earth

    Salt Type C


    • food application
    • Natural Salt

    Salt Type C is Refined Natural Sea Salt. It is High-Quality Edible Salt, best for Food Applications, including Pickling.

    Salt of the Earth’s sea salt, Crystalized from the clear sparkling waters of the Red Sea, captures the unique essences of the Desert, Sea and Sun, and adds distinctive taste to any Cuisine.

    The Natural Salt is produced by Solar evaporation of Seawater in open Ponds located near the coast of the Red Sea.

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    Table Salt
    Chemical Composition Specification
    • Assay as NaCl 99.5% min
    • Calcium (Ca) 0.08% max
    • Magnesium (Mg) 0.05% max
    • Sulfate ( SO4) 0.25% max
    • Insoluble matter 0.03% max

    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100 grams

    • NutrientValue
    • Calories0
    • Carbohydrates0
    • Proteins0
    • Fat0
    • Sodium39

    Private Labeling
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    The bulk of Salt Of The Earth's business is done under private label. The company offers the complete range of solutions for high-quality salts across every packaging format.

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