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Salt of the Earth Introducing refreshing new takes on an ancient

staple: low-sodium salt alternatives for kids, revolutionary roasting mixes, 

and umami products bursting with flavor.

salt 'n easy

Amazingly delicious and simple-to-prepare gourmet seasoned sea-salt-roasting mixes. Cook savory, aromatic poultry, fish or vegetables like a master with no fat and 100%-natural ingredients...

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umami salt

The ideal blend of natural mineral-rich sea salt and umami, the distinctive flavor-booster With 30% less sodium than regular salt, this savory wonder comes in both granulated and liquid forms...

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Sea salt for kids with 50% less sodium than regular salt. Naturally colored with fruit and vegetable extracts...

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our innovation
your brand

Salt of the Earth offers a new world of novel private label solutions, with the complete range of development and manufacturing services.

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