Pepper and Salt Mix Grinder

    250-Gram Grinder

    • food application
    • salt grinders

    Salt of the Earth – All Natural Sea Salt and four Seasons Pepper.

    Add a special touch to any food with fresh natural Sea salt with the flavor of white, black, green and red peppercorns.

    Adds a twist to every dish and enhances and deepens flavors.

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    Chemical Composition Specification

    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100 grams

    • NutrientValue
    • Calories24 Kcal
    • Carbohydrates4.1 gr'
    • Proteins1.0 gr'
    • Fat0.4 gr'
    • Sodium35.000 mg'
    • Nutritional Fibers 2.5 gr'

    Private Labeling
    Made Easy!

    The bulk of Salt Of The Earth's business is done under private label. The company offers the complete range of solutions for high-quality salts across every packaging format.

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