Introducing the tastiest
way ever to reduce salt

New Sodium-reducing, MSG-free ingredient

STAND #6N105

Use the Umami-Essence ingredient in new or existing product formulations to
help dramatically decrease sodium levels - by up to 45% - with great taste.

keep the
salty flavour

in food applications
while reaching low-sodium goals

a clean
label claim

on products more easily
while eliminating MSG

use only

while enhancing final
product flavour

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STAND #6N105

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what is the umami-essence ingredient?

The Umami-Essence product is a proprietary blend of sea salt and a natural
vegetable extract that provides a distinctive umami flavour. Umami-Essence:

  • Can be incorporated easily into sauces, salad dressings,
    meat, poultry, fish, soups, snacks, dairy goods, baked goods,
    breakfast cereals and many other products.
  • Is highly soluble, vegan, kosher and all natural.
  • Is manufactured using sustainable production.

Salt of the Earth, a global industry leader in salt and
salt-related products, is a market innovator in progressive
sodium-reduction solutions made from natural Red Sea salts.