• salt for kids

    Wonder Salt

    250-gram shaker

    Low Sodium Sea Salt For Kids

    Wonder Salt Naturally colored with fruit and vegetable extracts 50% less sodium than regular salt

    The naturally colored WonderSalt salt contains half the sodium of regular salt, with the same savory saltiness, so kids can reduce their sodium intake. Mother Nature supplies the 4 bright colors in every shaker—yellow, red, orange and green—extracts from friendly fruits and vegetables, such as radish, carrot, apple and lemon.

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    Packed with minerals and taste

    Harvested from the mineral-rich Red Sea and Dead Sea, WonderSalt contains valuable nutrients and has great salty taste. WonderSalt is naturally rich in potassium, which helps the body eliminate sodium.

    From innovation to differentiation

    WonderSalt transforms salt from a commodity item to a specialty product with a stronger value proposition and quality appeal. It introduces a new food subcategory for expanding sales in the healthy-eating consumer market. In fact, WonderSalt is pioneering the market of low sodium products for kids, including a world of co-branding opportunities.

    Ideal for private label branding

    Offering a fresh, inventive approach to a tabletop condiment, the WonderSalt product line can be marketed under private label branding to boost profits. Salt of the Earth has the ability to customize the WonderSalt product and packaging to retailer, distributor or wholesaler needs.


    Find out how easy it is to extend your brand portfolio with high quality, versatile Salt of the Earth products; contact us today.

    Accredited for quality
    and growing niche markets

    WonderSalt is designed to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans. It is kosher and holds certification for discerning consumer populations.


    Net weight: 250 grams/8.8 oz. (62.5 grams/2.2 oz.

    of each color)

    Salt of the Earth
    Chemical Composition Specification

    Nutrition Facts

    Per 100 grams

    • NutrientValue
    • Calories2
    • Carbohydrates0
    • Proteins0
    • Fat0
    • Sodium19.5
    • potassium2

    Private Labeling
    Made Easy!

    The bulk of Salt Of The Earth's business is done under private label. The company offers the complete range of solutions for high-quality salts across every packaging format.

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